SPEAKER: Alex Wisser

Alex Wisser

Alex Wisser is an artist and creative producer based in mid-western New South Wales. In 2013 Alex co-founded the Cementa Contemporary Arts Festival and took up permanent residence in the township of Kandos with his family. Since then, his practice has continuedto focus on the challenges and opportunities of making art in a regional context. His current practice has included large scale, long term projects like Cementa Festival and Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation, which seek to embed art into a local, regional cultural context.

Through this evolution, his work has taken on forms that transgress simple disciplinary boundaries, often crossing into community volunteerism, arts administration, or social work. Alex has run for local council and has served as the secretary for the Rylstone Kandos Chamber of Commerce for the last three years. These roles are not necessarily those of an artist, but they have undeniably contributed to his developing understanding of how communities and civil society functions to achieve (or fail to achieve) social outcomes.